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Hamsa Butterflies

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Height 25 X Width 21 cm - 9.8 X 8.2" (Butterflies may be adjusted by customer)"

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Colorful free standing Hamsa with butterflies motive by David Gerstein. The Hamsa is colored on both sides with a printing technique.
Butterflies have long been a theme of Gerstein's art and this Hamsa butterflies is the only one which has this theme embedded into it.
One of the most joyous Hamsa sculptures ever created by Gerstein.

About the artist

Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of David Gerstein, a mastermind of creativity whose art transcends conventional boundaries. Gerstein's journey through the global art scene has left indelible marks in prestigious cities from London to New York and Tel Aviv, showcasing his unparalleled talent in a multitude of international exhibitions.

David stands at the forefront of a select circle of elite painters, recognized for their exceptional craftsmanship. His ever-evolving portfolio not only decorates landscapes but also invites onlookers into a realm of imaginative exploration, deserving of your undivided attention.

Gerstein's unique flair has not only captured the local art scene but has also adorned urban spaces and corporate brands with a touch of human depth and aesthetic appeal.

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