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David Gerstein's Vibrant Return to New York at the Eden Gallery Soho

16. Mär 2024

David Gerstein, the illustrious pop artist known for his vibrant exploration of color and form, has marked a dazzling return to the US art scene with his latest exhibition at the Eden Gallery in Soho, New York. This solo exhibition, which opened last night to grand acclaim, unveils Gerstein's latest obsession with the delightful subject of cakes, alongside a collection of his recent paintings and sculptures that celebrate sports, nature, and urban life.

Three Dogs freestanding sculptures by David Gerstein are about to be released

7. Mär 2024

David Gerstein has always been fascinated with animals, and he incorporates them in his paintings as well as sculptur...

David Gerstein's "Artistic Delights" Exhibition: A Visual Feast at Eden Gallery, New York

29. Feb 2024

This March, art enthusiasts and admirers of vibrant creativity are in for a real treat. David Gerstein, an artist renowned for his explosion of colors and innovative artistry, is set to grace the Eden Gallery in New York with his latest exhibition, "Artistic Delights". Mark your calendars for March 5th, 2024, and prepare to be delighted. Don't miss the chance to witness the unveiling of David Gerstein's latest masterpieces and to celebrate the artistic journey that lies ahead.


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