Dogs freestanding piece by David Gerstein

David Gerstein has always been fascinated with animals, and he incorporates them in his paintings as well as sculptures, from small to large outdoor installations.

From Birds to butterflies, cows to ants and lions, it always has a fresh point of view, when Gerstein decides to take his pop art to the natural world.

Recently, we heard from Gerstein, planning a new set of pieces and we were extra thrilled to hear the theme - Dogs. 

We also got a special glimpse into the models used to create these new pieces. The new set of freestanding pieces consists of three dogs each. 

It looks like rather urban dogs who meet outside their home on their daily walk. 

Gerstein mentioned they will be ready soon, after laser cutting them and making sure they are just as he wants them. They will be available exclusively on GersteinART, so please stay tuned and we'll update as soon as they are up for sale. 

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