Artist David Gerstein holding his Walkers Time Clock at Gerstein gallery in Tel Aviv Artist David Gerstein holding his Walkers Time Clock at Gerstein gallery in Tel Aviv

We are excited and delighted to present a brand new series of wall mountable Art Clocks created by David Gerstein, which is released today and is currently exclusively available on

In this series of seven clocks, Gerstein explores his favorite themes, cycling, urban life, nature, butterflies and more. Each clock has a unique design, some more abstract than others. They are all fully functional, easily wall mounted clocks, which is both practical and artistic. For example, the Art Time Clock takes its inspiration from Gerstein's unique brush strokes style, which he developed for decades and is featured in some of his most celebrated works. The inside of the clock resembles the artist Palette, with the different colors around it in a circle.

art-time-clock by david gerstein Art Time Clock

Another new clock is the Cycling Time Clock, which features pro cyclists riding in super fast speed around the clocks body. The coloring method used by Gerstein here emphasizes the element of movement and the way we perceive this type of speed with our eyes. This is one of the clocks in the body and the outer part with the figures blend together in a seamless fashion. The inner part of the clock looks like a spiral of colors with only the number three cutout. The cyclists on the outer part seem to be quite similar to each other, but taking a closer look reveals different colors and even emotions in their faces.

Cycling time clock by David Gerstein Cycling time clock by David Gerstein

One last example for this first look is the Nature Time Clock, which features dozens of birds on branches around the outer side of the clock. Each birds with its unique color and shape. in the inner part of the clock, there is an outline of an owl, and the number six is cutout on the lower part of the clock. The branches with the birds could be folded to an angle of your liking.

nature-time clock by david gerstein nature-time clock by david gerstein

As you can see, these are just a few of the new clocks in this series. Please visit our exclusive page to see and order all of the seven different clocks.