five best jewish gifts by david gersteinOne of the most iconic jewish symbols, designed by david gerstein, featuring jewish motives; the star of david, the menorah, a white dove, an olive branch and more. The text in hebrew reads: "Besorot tovot" - Good news. the emblem of jerusalem, representing the lion of judah, part of the city's history is re imagined by david gerstein in this beautiful ariel lion sculpture. This majestic, yet playful beast walks on top of the city's views with the old city walls and even the famous windmill on the left hand side. the Hoopoe is Israel's new national bird, after it won an election held by the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (2008). Gerstein's tribute to this beautiful bird features it sitting on top of a branch, which serves as it's stand as well. coming in at number two, The joyful hamsa with flowers inside and around, and a couple of butterflies flying on top. The hamsa is freestanding, printed on both sides, so it's great to look at from all angels. A much appreciated jewish gift, with a playful design by david gerstein. the number one favorite Jewish gift on gersteinart is by far the hanukkiah butterflies. featuring nine different butterflies on top of the traditional hanukkah menorah, this is a great gift for the holidays, but could be enjoyed as a sculpture all year round, by removing the candle holders from its base.