Sticky Butterflies is a selection of four lovely butterfly packs with five butterflies in each pack created by David Gerstein.
These colorful creatures easily stick to your wall, window or any other (clean) surface. Each butterfly has its own unique color and shape.
Could easily be placed together as a group for a wonderfully colorful effect.
The butterflies are made of a Polypropylene material.
To use, simply peel off the provided adhesive on the body of the butterfly and stick it to the surface of your choice.
The butterflies are printed on both sides (Same pattern for each) and the wings can easily fold to your liking. .
Sticky Butterflies by David Gerstein


My Butterflies -

״My interest in butterflies started about ten years ago while I was trying to give meaning to a new piece I was working on featuring lips.I felt that butterflies would be an appropriate metaphor for my search for sensitivity and elegance. I got it right the first time and ever since I have been in love with butterflies.I studied the images of different butterflies from all over the globe, but finally created my own design for each one. I realised that nature has such creative force in giving uniqueness to every kind of butterfly, so I only adopted the shape of this amazing creature, using it as a blankcanvas and crafted my own designs onto it. Following certain rules and elements from the world of butterflies such as the false eyes and the structure of the wings, I immersed myself in creating new shapes, textures,geometric forms and combinations of colors to give my butterflies a new personal touch. Here is a selection of the best pieces of my butterfly collection through the years. They symbolise my dream of freedom, beauty, grace, nobility, movement, color and generosity. If we care about our environment we will always have butterflies around us. Where ever there are butterflies there is life and hope. ״

David Gerstein.



Sticky butterflies by david gerstein


Sticky Butterflies by David Gerstein Sticky Butterflies by David Gerstein