David Gerstein has had a busy 2011, touring the world opening various solo exhibitions while still finding the time to create new works and release fresh wall sculptures and small objects as well. Today Gerstein announced a release of a new series of small objects simply entitled 'Jazz Club'.

Jazz Club Piano Player

Following the ever popular Blue Note and Jazz in the city wall sculpture series, Gerstein adapted the themes into smaller sculptures which would each feature a different Jazz player and instrument. Each object has two coloured sides, the front being more figurative and the back more abstract, capturing the music and motion associated with the art of Jazz.

Jazz Club Guitar Player by David Gerstein- back Jazz Club Guitar Player by David Gerstein

The 'Jazz Club' series is set to be released on January 15th 2012. More details and pre-order will be posted on our blog during the next two weeks and on our Facebook page and Twitter.